Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fair grounds and bubble tea… It’s all going on at Embankment!

My lovely cousin from the Wiltshire countryside came down for a visit recently and we decided to take a trip to Embankment in London to catch a glimpse of the London Eye and Big Ben. Walking along the river side we came across The Mastercard London Wonderground. Although we didn’t pay £7(!) to go on the ride, we did enjoy a wonder through the lantern walkway and a sit down in the Magners Mushrooms.
We then took a walk down to see what was happening at the Southbank centre. There were a couple of art installations outside and we wondered round to find a food market. The smells were amazing, especially the cheese and raisin pancakes that we had a (few) samples of! I didn’t try the bubble tea, but definitely will next time!
Then out of nowhere, in true British style it POURED down. We tried to find some cover and came 5across a very strange secret installation. Icicles made from milk bottles- and lots of them! Once the rain had stopped we ventured round to the roof top garden and café.
On the way back we couldn’t resist a quick trip to Covent Garden, and although we didn’t make it to the main square as our feet hurt so much we had to give up, I did however find a vintage shop I hadn’t yet visited called Pop Boutique. They sell amazing pieces at really reasonable prices! I couldn’t resist snapping up a pair of classic docs for only £35! I would definitely recommend a trip here if you’re in the area!
Where are some of your favourite quirky or secret places in London?

Bubble Tea

Food Market

Floating letters and the rain!

Stairs to the Southbank rooftop garden

Fairground ride

P.S Sorry that the latyout of the pictures aren't perfect my laptop is being silly and won't let me upload pictures into posts so I had to do it on my phone- but bare with me ill try and sort it out! X

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