Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Liebster award

Sally from Sally Blogs kindly nominated me for the Liebster award and I was thrilled! The award recognises upcomming/ new blogs that have 200 or less folowers. To accept the award you must:

Answer the queation that the person who nominated you set.
List 11 facts about yourself
Nominate 11 other bloggeres
Set them 11 questions and link back to their blogs
Link your acceptance post back to the person who nominated you.

The questions that Sally asked me, and my response:        

1. Who/What inspired you to start blogging?
I spent a lot of my time reading fashion, music and photography blogs, and there are so many things that I want to share with people within these genres, so I thought a blog would be perfect! It also acts as a little excuse to constantly take lots of pretty pictures!

2. What is your favourite blog?
This varies daily, but at the moment I really love The Briar Rose Blog and Red Brick Lipstick

3. Tea or coffee?
Tea (I love breakfast tea with milk or black nettle tea, and I drink LOTS of it!) unless it’s Christmas time, in which case it’s salted caramel lattes all the way!

4. What are your favourite shops/brands?
Topshop is my go-to shop and I love Urban Outfitters. I also love Monki. If I had all the money in the world then I would definitely buy the Dolce and Gabbana baroque inspired collection (yes the whole collection)

5. What is your pet hate?
Hmmm I’m not sure that I necessarily have a pet hate, but I can’t stand people touching my feet.

6. Bacon buttys with ketchup or HP?

7. What is the one thing you can't live without?
Oh no there are too many things to choose from! Maybe my trusty brogues or my copy of pretty in pink, or perhaps my ipod. I don’t know!

8. Who is your favourite band/singer?
This again varies on a daily basis. Florence and the Machine and Vampire Weekend I have loved for ages, and will always love, but at the moment I am listening to French Films and Tame Impala on repeat. I also think that Alt J are brilliant. I also have a bit of a thing for 70’s and 90’s music (sorry 80’s!)

9. If you could give a piece of advice, what would it be?
It’s easier said than done, but you should try and find the right balance between spending too long deliberating over decisions, and rushing into things. I have made some awful decisions in the past because I decided to go one extreme or the other (namely my a level choices, chemistry was a BIG mistake!)
10. What would you liked to have achieved in ten year time?
To finally have decided what I want to do as a career, and be well on track with it!

11 Facts about myself:                                                                 

1. I was born in Cheltenham, grew up in Hampshire and now live in *whispers* Essex.

2. I’m intolerant to wheat and dairy although I do still occasionaly too often have them anyway. I’m also allergic to soya milk, and I could never give up milky cups of tea!

3. Next year I hope to study architecture at UCA Canterbury, and if not then I’ll attend an art foundation course and perhaps go travelling around Italy for a bit.

4. I love music, which seems generic, but I would really love it to be a part of my career, but seeing as I can’t sing, or play an instrument then perhaps I’ll manage a band one day!

5. Although I’m planning on studying architecture I would love to maybe work in journalism, or perhaps have my own architecture/ music/ fashion/ general art and culture publication.

6. I make crafts and cakes with my mum and sell them at vintage fairs. I also collect old furniture and do them up. I wouldn’t mind doing this full time actually (basically I don’t really know what I want to do career wise, but I’m a Libra, I’m allowed to be indecisive!)

7. My favourite season is autumn, but I also love going to the beach in winter.

8. My favourite foods are pineapple, mango and grapes, bacon, olives and seafood.

9. My favourite magazines are The Fly, Company magazine and Country Living (a bit of a mix I know!)

10. I have a love for 80’s films and my favourite is Pretty in Pink.

11. I’m a brogue-aholic!

 Who I Nominate                                                                  

Laura Through the Lens
Little Paper Swans
Ebony Vintage
Tartan Brolly
The Frill Seeker
Lisa Takes Pictues
Arabella Luisa
Life Time of Memories
Miss Strange Name
Chloe Scares Fashion
A Cup of Tea Please

 My Questions to you:                                                                   

1. What is your favourite season?

2. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

3. If you could only listen to one album ever, what would it be?

4. Your perfect Sunday?

5. Favourite colour for clothes and why?

6. Statement necklace or subtle bracelet?

7. What piece of make-up could you not live without?

8. What film do you think everybody should see?

9. Do you prefer city life or country life?

10. One trend that you think will be key this season?

11. And, most importantly, marmite. Love it or hate it?

Thank you again Sally for nominating me!
If I nominated you please leave a link in the comments, so I can read all of your answers!


  1. This is a great response! Thank you :)
    I know what you mean about music, I always dream of being in a band, it will never happen though :P

  2. congrats on the award dear! :))
    anyway, i have an on-going giveaway on my blog dear! i hope you can check it out and join if you haven't yet :)

    Rae :">