Friday, 1 March 2013

Shoreditch Adventures on a Monday Night

Recently I've made a few Monday night trips up to Shoreditch to go to some fashion illustration classes.

The classes are run by Clara and you can find more information about them here. The classes are held in a vintage shop called Paper Dress Vintage. It's a shop and caffe by day, and bar at night. As well as the fashion illustration classes they hold other events throughout the month which you can find out about here.
The shop has a really lovely feel about it, and sitting on miss-matched charirs, surrounded by rails of vintage clothes and listening to 70's style music is the perfect atmosphere for the class. The model is also amazing, and everyone is so friendly!

On the way to Paper Dress Vintage I popped into a caffe/bar a stones throw away and had an ice latte whilst leafing through the array of leaflets promoting bands, gigs and events galore. Opposite was an American Aparrel that closed it's doors before I had the chance to pop across for a browse. Ther's always next time though!

Outside of Shoreditch station is the "BoxPark" (aswell as a vast sporting ground which made me feel quite inferior for not doning a pair of trainers or gym kit, but do not fear a couple of yards around the corner and you're in hipseter-ville!) The Box Park is a series of shipping containers stacked and painted to create a mini shopping mall. Unfortunetly many of the "shops" were empty, and the ones that wern't were closed as I got there, however I did manage to take some picturese with a backdrop of fairy lights on the top floor of the "mall".
Annoyingly I left my camera at home, so had to make do with my not-very-good phone camera, so sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. I will definitely be returning soon, and I will take my camera next time! 

Hat: Urban outfitters, Shirt: Urban Outfitters Jacket: MaxC, Necklace: New Look, Skirt: H&M, Boots: Office

Necklace: New Look Shirt: Urban Outfiters

Boots: Office, Socks: Primark

Box Park

London bus through twinkling lights

Paper Dress Vintage decor

Iced Latte and flyers

Box Park Shoreditch adorned with fairly lights

Clara's illustrations

The model

Drinks to warm you up on a February evening

A jacket that a very nearly bought, and regret not doing so!

The bar

Silk scarves for sale

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